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Laura Marinkovich

Hi there! It's Laura here, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be connecting with you!
I'm a personal stylist originally from Argentina, but now I'm living my best life in beautiful Bali. I love sharing all aspects of my life , and I'm fortunate enough to work with brands that share my passion for sustainability, cruelty-free practices, veganism, and all things eco-friendly.

Please feel free to contact me if you belong to any of these brands, so that we can explore opportunities for collaboration that can help us create the necessary awareness and impact.



cruelty-free (2).png

Cruelty Free

eco-friendly (1).png

Eco Friendly

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Skin Care & Beauty

"Using sustainable skincare and beauty products is crucial to me, as it allows me to care for my skin while also being kind to the environment and supporting ethical practices."



Sustainable Fashion

"This is the way forward, as it allows us to express our unique style while also protecting our planet and promoting fair practices for everyone involved."



Eco-friendly Products 

Using eco-friendly products reduces carbon footprint, protects natural resources, and reduces pollution, contributing to sustainable living.¨

Make a significant impact.

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