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Here some work

I love being creative as much as I love being organised! This allows me to help my clients not only with creative concepts but also with their execution, implementation and project management. To get a better idea of what I’m talking about have a look at my portfolio below ranging from film to photography and branding. 

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The Click.

Short Film Series LQBT+

#creativedirection #producer #fashionstylist 

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The Trilogy.

Branding Identity & Manual

3 brands under one roof

#creativedirection #projectmanagement #socialmediamanagement


The Arahant.

 Video Campaign SS21' 

#producer #creativedirection #fashionstylist

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Zulu Republic.

Digitalization of Manifesto

#projectmanagement #2d #3d 


Ralf Kubli

(Board Member Casper Association)

Laura delivered excellent designs and the scope of work was completed to our complete satisfaction. Her contribution to the visual and graphic assets were outstanding.

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