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Style Development

My name is Laura, and I'm on the mission to empower people from the outside in to make them feel better, more confident, and more attractive. My purpose is to provide you with personal development tools that will spark new types of energy, elevate your persona and develop your style. We will cover everything from your hairstyle and skin tone to your body shape, colours that makes you stand out and the brands that speak to your soul.




4 weeks workshop       I        Will you give yourself a chance?



Step A

fill the form

Express who you are in your own words. This detailed form will provide me insight into your unique challenges, lifestyle, world view, and current sizing. 

I’ll learn all facets of your lifestyle from how you want to be perceived; how often you travel; your go-to cocktail; and what’s trending on your Spotify playlist.

Your goals are now my goals and I am committed to achieve them. 



Step B


This is an important base we have to go trough together. In this 1 to 1 process I¨ll teach you how to use your wardrobe, we will create new outfits you probably never thought about and *get rid of the clothes you are not feeling attached or simply don't work in this new process. 

And by get rid I mean donate them!

noun_mood board_21878.png

Step C

fashion report

After I learn more about your challenges, goals, and desire aesthetic, I’ll create a personalised on line report tailored to your unique lifestyle.

In it, you’ll understand how clothes should fit your body, along with specific outfits, colors, and materials that work best for you.

Use your style board as a powerful tool when making buying decisions. No more impulse buys. No more second guessing. 

I will also share my team of practicioners with you, so you have a more integrated support, from inside and out.

noun_shopping bags_3621940.png

Step D

shop guide

Your personalized virtual shopping deck will guide you through the shopping process; category by category; piece by piece.

Make confident buying decisions knowing each piece has been hand selected for you with accompanying images, color, and size suggestions; all with one-click shoppable links. No fitting rooms; no sales associates. Style and convenience all in one.

Once you’ve received your personalized wardrobe, we’ll go through each piece, one by one, to determine if it’s a good fit (literally and metaphorically). Once the key pieces have been identified, I’ll instruct on how to mix and match to create your perfect, personalized wardrobe.

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