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I am Laura, maybe you saw me on Tinder :)

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I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me on a personal and professional level.


​It was clear to me at an early age that I wanted to be immersed in the fashion industry. In all the years I have spent in the field, I have always felt there was something missing...


When the pandemic hit, I was able to reconnect with myself in a deeper and more meaningful way, and that's when I realized my true calling is helping others discover their identity, and there's no better way to bring inner strength than through fashion. 


So far, it has been an incredible journey that has allowed me to transform people's lives and gain their unique sense of identity and style through a multidisciplinary and original approach.


​I'm glad we're finally connected.



Pimp my Tinder

Let's face it - online dating sucks.


It's an endless carousel of photos, a photogenic beauty contest.


There's a formula to winning at Tinder.


I've been helping guys fix their profiles for years. I've helped guys of all ages and types maximize their profiles and go from 0 to hundreds of matches within a week.


Does your bio project insecurity? Are you asking women to like you?


Some of you have a secretly great photo buried in your social media and don't even realize it.


I can help. I'm a girl!

If you want the truth, and you want results, you've come to the right place.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for. 



I will rewrite your Bio, select your photos and pick an outfit for your next date! :) 



Style Development



  • Dating App Optimisation : I will rewrite your profile, select your photos, and, if necessary, organise a professional photoshoot with an outfit selection that reflects your personality.


  •  Body Analisis: Analysis & style tips based on your body shape with inspirational images for must have clothes and example looks you can take as a reference

  • 2 LOOKS: Links for 2 personalized looks with 1 matching shoes and accesories


  • We will share an online Fashion Board to track the development of the coaching


Time we will work together: 2 Weeks

*Photoshoot not included




  • Dating App Optimisation : I will rewrite your profile, select your photos, and pick 2 outfits for a professional photoshoot.


  • Fashion Report: After I learn more about your challenges, goals, and desire aesthetic, I’ll create a personalised fashion report tailored to your unique lifestyle. In it, you’ll understand how clothes should fit your body, along with specific outfits, trends, colors, and materials that work best for you. Use your style board as a powerful tool when making buying decisions. No more impulse buys. No more second guessing.

  • 6 LOOKS: Links for 2 personalised looks with 1 matching shoes and accessories

  • We will share an online Fashion Board to track the development of the coaching



Closet Audit: I will examine your clothes and tell you which ones are suitable and which are not in terms of color and style and shop your new look accordingly.

Time we will work together: 4 Weeks


Contact me for any questions, additional requirements & custom packages


Get in Touch

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