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Capturing unforgettable travel stories.


We help you uncover the precious nature of your brand and entice your potential visitors to start their own journey to your destination. We do this through our expertise in creating captivating visual content and our deeply rooted passion for storytelling.

We position ambitious travel and hospitality brands in the market - from idea to strategy to reality.  

Who are we and what do we do?


We are Laura and Jakub, a creative couple with international background and experience. As digital artists, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we produce. We strive to create the most beautiful imagery and thought-provoking content imaginable. Our unique combination of skills allows us to help hospitality and travel brands stand out from the crowd and reach their full potential is our passion.


[ Jakub ]

Is a director, photographer, and filmmaker who breathes storytelling. His passion for capturing authentic stories supported by exceptional visuals has led him to work all over the world for brands such as Rolex, Huawei, Lumix, and many more as well as working with impactful NGOs and start-ups.

[ Laura ]

Laura is a multitalented Image Advisor and Stylist who loves elevating brands and people through her exceptional sense of detail and original taste.


[ Team ]

  • We work as a team and both of us can act as models and also creators.

[ Style ]

  • Through her love for design Laura naturally enhances  everything she touches.

[ Story ]

  • Jakub has a great sense for storytelling which makes the content feel authentic.


Our Services.

Video Production | Photography | Art Direction | Styling | Branding |

We start every project with a stay at your hotel to help understand your brand DNA and your business goals.

[1 ]

One of many reels we made for Losinj Villas in Croatia. The goal was to how they source local ingredient to create modern dishes in their Michelin start restaurant.

[2 ]

A simple mood focused reel for Airbnb iin Valencia.

[3 ]

We create this reel for a hotel in Italy to show how it would feel spending time at on of their villas.


Brands we work with.

Below are a few such partners who have joined us on successful brand building journeys.

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download (1).png

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